Racecourse of Le Lion d'Angers

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President's word

« Races of Le Lion d’Angers « , these words always have a special resonance for both popular sports and festive. It must be said that Lionnais leaders have always striven to dramatize this sanctuary of Isle Briand who had his first races in 1874 .

We will celebrate this year the 70th anniversary of the return on this site so popular, the Society who signed in 1883 to use three other local racecourses.
It is in fact in 1946 that the two local racing companies (one second was established in 1922!) Decided to merge and seek the TREDERN family to reintegrate the Isle-Briand.
At a time when we talk about merging and pooling of resources, we can see that our predecessors worked intelligently.
Since then, the Racing Society has constantly improved its facilities and moved to the top of the table of the provincial racing companies entrusting them labeled PMU tests and a trifecta and combined bets.
All this inevitably has a significant media impact for the image of the town of Lion d’Angers and its region throughout the racing season.