Racecourse of Le Lion d'Angers

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Ville du Lion d’Angers

The town’s website will inform you what goes around :



Anjou Bleu – Pays Segréen

The Anjou Bleu is the tourism area of Le Lion d’Angers. You can find every outing on their website :


The Isle-Briand Departmental Park

The Isle-Briand Departmental Park has been one of five departmental properties since 1971.

Bordered by the waters of the Mayenne and the Oudon and largely wooded, the Isle-Briand area is home to remarkably diverse flora and fauna that have earned it its classification as a sensitive natural area.

The Estate also has a great architectural richness, between its 18th century castle, its model farm, its stables…

A space for relaxation and leisure, the Parc de l’Isle Briand is frequented by many visitors, on the occasion of the various events organized there or simply with family, as walkers, or sportsmen.

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Le Domaine du Moulin

Restaurant, boat restaurant, cottages… More info on



Terra Botanica – Angers

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